Beautiful Sunrooms on the East-End of Long Island in the Hamptons

FD now offers Oasis vinyl sunrooms. There are a variety of features, options, and benefits available in all of our sunroom lines. All vinyl sunrooms look like they were meant to be part of the home, not an afterthought.


Well it might depend on budget. Call us today to set up a consultation about the different options and their corresponding price point.

A place to relax, enjoy, create and play.

Or just enjoy the outdoors … indoors.

LR 2000

The Leisure Room 2000 is our seasonal room and since the room is also all vinyl with welded sliding windows, we like to call it the “extended” seasonal room.  The LR2000 is available in studio styles only and white only.  Like our other vinyl models, the room shows no visible fasteners, concealed electric raceways, and the clean finished look.  All glass in the LR200 is single tempered. This room is priced right so anyone can enjoy the benefits of living outdoors/indoors.

LR 2600

The Oasis Leisure Room 2600 is our most popular room and is built and conditioned to be used year round.  The 2600 room features the best insulated glass package with 7/8” insulated tempered and Cardinal LoE3 366 glass with argon gas.  LR2600 features all welded vinyl sliding windows with both sashing sliding on heavy duty brass rollers.  All windows have full fiberglass screens and sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning.  LR2600 models are available in Cathedral, Studio, and under existing roof styles.  Also available in 3 colors: white, beige, or clay. Both sliding and swing doors are also available.

The Oasis Leisure Room 2600® Vinyl Sunroom is very similar to our Leisure Room 3000® but features lift-out sliding windows instead of tilt in.  With 7/8” IG combined with our LoE3 and argon gas, the Leisure Room 2600® can be used year round in any climate.  Leisure Room 2600® features vinyl sliding windows (both units slide on brass rollers) and full fiberglass screens.  Sashes can be lifted out for easy cleaning.

LR 3600

The LR3600 is the same as our LR2600 a year round room featuring swing out casement windows instead of sliding windows.  Casement windows can meet coastal requirements and can add a similar decor to a house which already has casements.  Casement windows are known to be the most efficient in operating windows.  All other options and colors are the same as the LR2600.

LR 4000

The Oasis® Leisure Room 4000® is our vinyl sunroom with all sliding doors. This provides floor to ceiling glass view and allows egress from any point. Our top quality vinyl sliding doors are fusion welded, easy to operate, with an anti-lift locking system and heavy duty screens. The Leisure Room 4000 also includes Cardinal LoE3 366 tempered glass with argon gas for year round use. The room can be made as a seasonal room with single tempered glass.