Custom Millwork Services on the East-End of Long Island in the Hamptons

Custom millwork and beautiful built-ins make a house a home

FD Building millwork remodel

Details that increase your home’s character while adding style and function

Enhance your home’s beauty by using stunning custom woodwork features throughout. Custom woodworking details like kitchen cabinets, crown moulding, railings, fireplace mantels, windows, doors, and built-in storage provide a truly individualized look that reflects your personal style. They all provide a “wow factor” that sets your home apart.

The possibilities for using millwork in your home are virtually limitless. If you can imagine it, our skilled artisans can probably create it, adding stellar accents and functional cabinet pieces built to bring you a lifetime of enjoyment.

Modern or traditional, your personal style can be expressed through custom millwork. Our millwork facility is situated in the Pine Barrens of Manorville where our team of talented carpenters create gorgeous custom pieces, including exotic hardwoods and veneer materials, to your specifications. We also design and restore furniture pieces and offer a number of wood finishes including stained, glazed, high gloss lacquer, and distressed.

Why Should I Use Millwork in My Remodel?

Have you ever walked into a home and been amazed at the custom woodwork and details? Did you admire the built-in seating, hand-carved banisters, and beautiful wainscoting? There was a time these features were standard, but that changed with the rise of factory-made cabinets and other mass-produced home building and design products. And while these new innovations help you get more for your money, they also lack the one-of-a-kind look homes used to have.

While it is more expensive, custom millwork is more affordable than you may think. It also adds value to your home while making a lasting impression that many clients feel is well worth the investment.

Examples of Custom Millwork

All our millwork, including custom kitchen cabinets, is done with the utmost professionalism and skill. We use quality materials and offer our clients unmatched support and accessibility.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

If you’re like most people, a kitchen remodel is one of your most longed-for projects. There’s a reason they’re the number one requested remodel in the industry! Every client we meet has the dream of creating a truly customized kitchen built to their specifications. We believe there’s no more satisfying way to make that dream come true than with custom cabinets.

Designed and built to fit like a glove, custom kitchen cabinets are not only beautiful, but space efficient, as they can be customized to meet your unique kitchen storage needs. Are you an avid baker with professional grade appliances? Do you love throwing big parties with real dishes, stemware, and utensils? Handcrafted exclusively for you, custom cabinets are a timeless home design feature that can accommodate all your tools and accessories.

One of the greatest benefits to custom kitchen cabinets is not having to stick to standard cabinet sizing. The ability to build your cabinets to fit your existing layout means no wasted space or fillers. And while you pay a bit more, custom cabinets use superior materials, hardware, and construction methods, meaning they’ll withstand the wear and tear of daily life much better than big box versions.

Custom cabinets are just limited to the kitchen! They can be used throughout the home: in bathrooms, hallways, living and dining rooms, home libraries, and bedrooms. Entertainment centers, fireplace surrounds, vanities, and bookshelves are just some of the most popular options.

Custom Mouldings

Whether you’re looking to match a historical detail or simply looking for something that’s truly distinctive, there are thousands of moulding packages to choose from. But don’t let that discourage you – our designers are experienced in helping you quickly narrow down which styles might work best in your Long Island home.

With choices in pine, poplar, oak, cherry, maple, mahogany, and MDF, you’re sure to find a profile that turns your house into the home you envision. Crown, base, panel, and casing mouldings can be combined in hundreds of beautiful combinations, ensuring a true one-of-a-kind custom look.

Custom Doors and Windows

Building a front door that reflects your creativity and personality is easier than ever before. The latest trend towards customized entries reflects our clients’ desire to welcome family and friends in their own unique way. You can use virtually any wood species, pick a customized size and shape, and add glass details to a custom front door.

Custom wood interior doors add a natural beauty and warmth to any home. Popular wood options include mahogany, cherry, ash, oak, and walnut, but just about any wood can be used indoors. Detail work include a variety of panel configurations, glass inserts, and other embellishments.

Many homeowners love adding custom bay windows with seating or a handcrafted entryway window made from specialty materials. Custom wood windows are ideal if you want a classic, elegant look for your home.

Custom Railings, Banisters and Stairs

Custom railings are a simple way to mark your home’s deck with your personality and sense of style. From rustic farmhouse porch railings to craftsman-style deck railings, custom railings are a relatively inexpensive way to enhance your home’s distinct style. Beautiful and functional, stylish exterior railings can be classically simple, stunningly elegant, or wildly imaginative.

Inside, there many options to choose from for stair handrails: cable rails, wrought-iron rails, over the post rails, and post to post rails are just some of your choices. Spiral, circular, modern, open detail, or boxed type, our skilled artisans can design and build whatever stair system you have in mind. Wood options include cherry, maple, white oak, fir, exotic woods and more.

FD Building millwork remodel
FD Building millwork remodel
FD Building millwork remodel
How We Work

Every team member at FD Building Co., including our custom millwork artisans, is a true professional. Their knowledge, expertise, and overall commitment to craftsmanship is reflected in how they treat the finer details of your project as the top priority it is.

Our goal is to create custom kitchen cabinets and other millwork features on time and to your specifications. Our design build process guarantees:

  • Complete and undivided attention to every detail
  • Decades of design and construction experience
  • Quality product lines
  • Superior installation services
  • Dealer direct pricing options on decorative fixtures
  • Dealer direct pricing on select window options
  • A comprehensive options package from flooring to window treatments
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With a combined 30 years in the design and construction industries, FD Building Co. is one of the area’s only firms with a full in-house millwork facility. We believe custom millwork is a smart investment that adds value to your Long Island home. It’s a special touch that can be equally enjoyed by present and future generations.

Want to explore all your custom kitchen cabinet and other millwork options? Explore our millwork project gallery, learn more about who we are, and then let our design team get to work designing the custom features that make your home uniquely yours.

To schedule a free in-home consultation, contact us online today, or call us at 631-779-2859. We look forward to meeting with you!