Protecting Your Hamptons/East End, Long Island Home When Remodeling

No matter what kind of remodeling project you’re doing – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, sunroom, basement – there will inevitably be some debris and dust as a result. In our experience, there are a few key things we do to try to keep all of that to a minimum. We understand that you and your family have to live there after we finish, so we do our best to keep the mess to a minimum. 

It’s worth noting that construction dust differs from the typical dust that can accumulate in a home in that it is heavier and made up of more than just, well, dust mites. Construction dust is usually made up of sawdust, drywall, and the like, and is heavier and can cling to objects in a way that regular dust doesn’t. Essentially it is more stubborn and so it requires a more concentrated approach.

Wall And Floor Protection

First, we lay down temporary flooring and make sure to keep the edges taped to prevent debris from reaching the floors in your home. We usually use something like Masonite, which allows for a harder surface covering your floor than just a tarp, and because of that it also helps guard against materials or tools accidentally harming your floor.

Preventing Dusty Ducts

Next, we seal all the air vents in the room we’re working in to ensure that dust doesn’t get in there, and to keep the furnace filter from clogging. We also bring our own air scrubbers and/or dust extractors to help with the air quality. If we are working in a room with a door, we close the door. If the room doesn’t have one, we isolate the space we’re working in to the best of our ability, usually with plastic sheeting that is sealed at the ceiling and floor.

Protecting Your Stuff

We advise clients to move as many personal items as possible out of the room(s) being remodeled – books, clothing, shoes, electronics, mirrors, window treatments, area rugs, bedding (even the dust ruffle), items under the bed, wall art and photos – before we arrive onsite. We also recommend that you use painters’ tape to secure drawers so they don’t open accidentally and end up with dust in them. Dust has the potential to get everywhere, so the more items that can be temporarily relocated, the better. If there are pieces too large for you to move yourself (for example, a bed frame, mattress, and box spring), we can help move them, cover them, or some combination of the two.

Remodeling can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re doing several rooms at once. We hope that you feel a little less overwhelmed now that you have a better idea of how we do things and what to expect from when it comes to protecting your home and possessions.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call FD Building Co. at (631) 779-2859 or send us a message