adding a spa like bathroom hamptons new york

Making Your Bathroom Your Personal Spa Space in The Hamptons

Life here in the Hamptons and East End of Long Island can be fast-paced and hectic at times and having a personal spa in your own home is a great way to get away from that. The goal here isn’t to recreate a professional spa in your home, but to create a space that radiates calmness and tranquility. 

Minimal Design

You don’t need a huge bathroom to have a spa-like space. The goal is a crisp and clean look. Choose a muted color scheme and avoid things like stripes, patterns, checks, and the like. Using a subdued palette also makes a small space look bigger and feel more spacious (and you can’t spell spacious without “spa’). Faux wood finishes and even flooring can add to that effect. (We don’t recommend regular or untreated wood in a bathroom, as it would warp from all of the moisture.)

adding a spa like bathroom hamptons new york


Avoid clutter, which can be stressful to look at, by having storage places for the items that tend to accumulate on bathroom surfaces – brushes, makeup, lotions, reading material, extra toilet paper rolls, cleaning supplies, etc.  

Pamper Yourself

A high-end showerhead can make a huge difference in how you experience a shower- imagine the warm water raining down on you, washing your stress away. If you have the space a soaking tub is a great option. We’ve worked with clients to convert their regular bathtub into a soaking tub. A towel warmer is a small, but great (and inexpensive), thing to add to the spa-like experience. 

adding a spa like bathroom hamptons new york

Go Green

By this we mean add plants and botanicals to your new spa space. Bamboo plants are fairly hearty and easy to take care of. Even a good quality fake plant can add that calming touch of nature to your indoor space. 


A glaring florescent light is hardly relaxing. Being able to have lights on a dimmer switch, or sconces on a separate switch than the overhead light can help enhance the spa-like atmosphere. 

adding a spa like bathroom hamptons new york

Heated Flooring

Stepping out of your soaking tub onto a cold tile floor isn’t very relaxing, especially during the cold northeastern winters. There are two common types – electric radiant heat and hydronic heating. Electric radiant heat uses electricity to heat up the flooring, and hydronic heating uses heated water that flows through a complex tubing system underneath your floor. Heated flooring works best with ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tiles. It does not work well with wooden flooring. (There’s a bonus – having heated floors can mean that you don’t need to keep the heat as high in your bathroom, and this may help you save on your electric bill.)

The Little Things

There are small touches that can make a difference – like the towel warmer mentioned above. Other examples are a bathtub tray to hold a glass of wine and a book (some of these even have bookstands), tiny tea lights lining an edge of the tub or a scented candle on the sink.

 Let us help you create a getaway for yourself, right in your own home. Contact FD Building Co. at (631) 779-2859 or send us a message to learn more about how we can work together to create a soothing space just for you.