gutting a house and remodeling

Gutting and Remodeling a Hamptons/East End, Long Island House

A gut rehab is ambitious, but not impossible, and it can be a good alternative to tearing down a house and starting again from scratch.

What is a gut rehab?

This is when you, well, gut the house to redo it and make it better than it was before. When we say gut, we mean that almost everything (and, occasionally, everything) that isn’t structural or part of the frame gets removed to make way for a better design.

Why do a gut remodel?

If the exterior is great and you love it, but the interior doesn’t work for you, this makes your house a good candidate for a gut rehab. There is no reason for you give up a great house with good bones just because it has a lousy layout. When you want new flooring, HVAC, wall configuration, plumbing, insulation, and the like, but don’t want to start from scratch, a gut rehab is the best choice.

gutting a house and remodeling

Should I live there during the gut remodel?

Probably not. In our experience, it’s better for the residents to move out during the gut remodel, especially during the demolition phase. Moving out temporarily is highly recommended if you or any of your family members has issues, like asthma, that make them extra sensitive to airborne particles. In addition to the usual construction debris, gut rehabs of older homes sometimes tend to uncover problematic materials that you wouldn’t have been aware of otherwise, like some asbestos hidden in the garage wall. 

However, if moving out for a few months isn’t in your budget, we can work together to figure out a way to work around you, or keep you in there as long as it’s safe for all involved. A benefit of working with FD Building Co. is that we work hard to communicate about scheduling. Our clients can receive an updated schedule through our project management system, or even directly in their Google calendar (upon request).

How much will it cost?

That depends a lot on the scope of work and size of the house. One of the benefits of working with a design-build company like ours is that since many things are done in-house, there’s less of a chance of cost overruns as the different departments are used to working with each other and tend to be in closer communication. Here are some of the things we look at when trying to estimate a budget for a gut rehab. 

  • The amount of square footage being remodeled. 
  • The number of rooms. 
  • How many sub-projects there will be in each room. 
  • The kinds of rooms we’ll be constructing – A bathroom has more moving parts and may require a specialty subcontractor, so it may take a different amount of time than a den or bedroom. 
  • Custom or standard – For example, if you want a custom-designed soaking tub in your new master bathroom it’ll cost more than a standard tub. 
  • Permits – A basic building permit is usually granted through the local building or zoning department. Costs vary by municipality. Some rooms, like a bathroom or basement, may require more specialized permits. As your contractors, FD Building Co. can help you with this. We have years of experience filling out permits for many local building departments in the East End of Long Island.

There is a lot to think about when undertaking a gut remodel of your home, and it can feel overwhelming. But don’t worry; we have some pretty experienced guides to help you through it. Contact FD Building Co. at (631) 779-2859 or send us a message to learn more about how we can help you plan for your dream renovation.