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Windows and Doors That Enhance Your Home’s Design

Life in the Hamptons is about creating a light and open-air feel throughout your home. The windows and interior and exterior doors you choose for your remodeling or new custom home project make for an exceptional living space that beautifully reflects your style and taste.

Window Styles

First, a quick primer on window terminology:

  • Casement windows are hinged on either side and the sash open horizontally opposite the hinge.
  • Single-hung and double-hung windows are contained in a single frame that slide vertically past one another for venting.
  • Bay and bow windows project outward from your home. They’re ideal for providing large amounts of interior natural light and look stunning from both inside and outside the property. They’re often used in living rooms, bedrooms, and dens or studies.
  • Picture windows are typically stationery, non-opening windows that allow light additional natural light into the room or offer exceptional views.
  • Awning windows are hinged at the top and the sash swing outward from the bottom.
  • Gliding windows are like single and double hung ones, except they slide horizontally past one another.
  • Skylights and glass roof panels bathe a home in natural light. Modern design techniques and technology has made it easier to install them at an angle. They come in a variety of styles including single fixed pane and sliding roof hatches that electronically open and close. They’re most often found in bathrooms and kitchens.
  • Custom windows are just what they sound like and come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
How Glass Makes All the Difference

From simple windows and doors to artistic installations, glass completely transforms your Long Island home, both practically and aesthetically.

Since ancient Roman times, glass has been a widely used building material that offers both functional and visual benefits. Modern glass windows and doors help reduce electrical and heating costs, provide warmth in the winter, and keep a house cooler in the summer. They also add to your wellbeing: they’re a primary source of vitamin D.

Whether as part of a remodeling project or a simple window replacement job, the advantages to using glass are clear, so how do you choose the best features for your project?

FD Building windows doors remodel
Window Materials

There’s more to windows than glass! Frames come in a wide range of materials and, depending on where you plan to install them, each one has its pros and cons. Issues like local climate, the existing structure and architectural style of your home, your personal taste, and your budget are all important elements to consider.


Popular and energy efficient, wood window frames are easier to maintain and repair. They can be painted in any color to match or complement your home’s exterior. While susceptible to insect damage or rot, they can be clad in vinyl or aluminum to reduce the risk. They’re also sometimes treated with a water-repellent solution that extends their life. Wood window frames cost a little more but offer a great look both inside and outside your house.


Offering great moisture resistance and high energy efficiency (when insulated), vinyl windows are another solid choice. Maintenance is fairly simple; a soft scrub cleanser helps prevent dullness. One down side: they do fade over time, especially the darker tones. They also become weaker and more brittle as they age. If you want to use vinyl windows, choose a lighter tone that is a nice offset to your home’s exterior.


They’re usually the least expensive windows, but their strength is outweighed by their negatives: they conduct heat, which means they’re less energy efficient, and in the winter, condensation can form, creating serious moisture issues.


Often suggested as an alternative to wood or vinyl, fiberglass frames require painting and are high maintenance. They’re more expensive than insulated vinyl windows and don’t offer the same energy efficiency.


The biggest disadvantage to composite windows is how they look on your home’s interior. They perform well and though they’re made to look like wood, it’s obvious they’re imitation. Some manufacturers solve this issue by using composite on the outside of the window and genuine wood for the inside.

Experts suggest that homeowners in the northeast seriously consider choosing high-quality wood frames which can last for decades. They recommend selecting windows with at least two layers of glass (double pane), low-E coatings and U-values and SHGCs (solar heat gain coefficient) of 0.3 or lower. What do they consider the worst decision you can make? Removing historical hardwood windows that are still in good shape. Unless you want a more modern look, they recommend installing storm windows instead.

As with anything, whichever material you choose, you get what you pay for. Saving money upfront can be tempting, but you’ll probably end up replacing your windows sooner than you want or expected to.

Window and Door Design Considerations

Who knew there were so many windows and doors to think about? Exterior, entry, interior, custom, and storm doors are all important features in your home. We believe that doors should be welcoming and windows functional and both should add to the beauty of your home.

FD Building features a full line of windows from reputable brands we trust such as Marvin, Kolbe, and Andersen. In fact, we’re Andersen certified, and highly recommend their popular 400 series double-hung, casement, and narrow line windows, as well as sliding glass doors.

Our preferred door manufacturers include Simpson’s custom wood doors, Thermatru, which also offer decorative and specialty glass doors, and the energy efficient exterior and interior doors produced by JELD-WEN. All these companies offer a great selection of looks, styles, and pricing options.

We understand that every window and door installation requires careful planning and design.


When adding a new glass feature during a remodel or build, you can’t put a door or window just anywhere. Is the goal to let in tons of natural light throughout the day? Then the window or door needs to be in the best location for optimum sun exposure. Our designers can show you which walls of your new space offer the best placement options.


Climate, noisy neighbors, or living on a busy street; they’re all good reasons for insulating your windows. It also helps you save in terms of heating and cooling. Single, double, or even triple glazed windows can all benefit from added insulation.

Local Environment

Long Island has its share of interesting weather. In areas that get snow, heavy rain, high winds, and hailstorms, it’s best to opt for products that are more sturdy and secure. Durability and performance must be top of mind so that the windows perform and age well.


The more glass you have, the higher security should be on your list of options. Things to consider include fire hazards and shatterproof glass. Many manufacturers offer doors and windows with optional security features that are worth looking into.

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